Assets Writing Contest winners |

Assets Writing Contest winners

Editor’s note: Asset Builders of the Summit sponsored a writing contest in February. The Summit Daily is printing the first-place essays over the course of several days. Look for more winners in coming editions of the Summit Daily.


The Third Annual Inspired by Assets Writing Contest took place in February. Students in grades K-12 wrote on the theme “What the World Needs Now.” Contest organizers received 325 essays this year. The first place winners’ essays are below. The Inspired by Assets Writing Contest does not endorse any of the ideas represented in the essays. Of utmost importance to the contest is the freedom of expression and development of creativity embodied by the asset philosophy. The 40 developmental assets are skills, experiences, relationships, and values that all young people need to succeed.

– Asset Builders of the Summit


“If I Could Change the World”

By Garret Tousey, Frisco Elementary

Second Grade, First Place

If I could change the world I would let there be no bad guys. There would be more water. There would be more money. There would be more trees. There would be more schools. There would be no more wars. You could not die. There would be more people.


“If I Could Change the World”

By Dana Meeker, Frisco Elementary

Fifth Grade, First Place

In order to maintain a world that has a clean environment, and healthy as well as highly populated species of animals, there is a lot that we must change.

To begin, there is a new car called the Hy-Wire, which doesn’t pollute the air! This automobile is powered by chemical reactions between water and oxygen. The only thing this car releases is water vapor. Although this car probably will not be on the road until 2010, we need to start thinking about some of the positive effects that car would have on society.

Yes, the Hy-Wire will be a positive impact on our world, but we can’t just stand back and wait until 2010. We need action for the better towards our environment to start now! Some simple ways that will not solve but help to improve our environment are things like taking the bus instead of a car. If your destination is not very far away, then there are a number of things that you can do. For example, riding a bike, walking, roller-blading, etc.

Equally important is the fact that we need to STOP contaminating water. Ever day, people fling litter into lakes, rivers, and oceans. According to Time For Kids (a magazine for kids talking about recent events), enough trash is littered in an average year to reach to the moon two times!

But that’s not all, every day millions of trees get cut down. Yes, we do need paper for daily tasks, but once we are done using the paper, we shouldn’t chuck it into the trash bin – we should recycle it! Although paper can be used over and over again, it doesn’t always get to be used again because people don’t recycle it.

Another negative effect of deforestation and those millions of trees that get cut down is that many animals get obliterated. For example, a family of squirrels could live in a tree as well as a family of birds. In the same tree, there lives an owl. Then a man with an ax trudges up to the tree and chops it down. Once the tree is cut down and the process is repeated throughout the forest, and all the trees in the vicinity are cut down, the animals have nowhere to reside.

Clearly, there is a lot that we can do to make the world a better place. If I could change the world, people would recycle, we would only cut down as many trees as absolutely necessary, we would look into purchasing the Hy-Wire, and in the meantime we would think twice before driving a car and instead ride a bike or ride a bus. With all those things combined, the world would be a MUCH better place.

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