At what price do we sell out the soul of Summit County |

At what price do we sell out the soul of Summit County

I’ve been reading about the controversy over Breckenridge Ski Resort’s recent advertising campaign with a sad sense of amazement. I can’t really say which I find sadder: the poor judgement the resort showed in approving the ad campaign, or Breckenridge Mayor Sam Mamula’s lack of a backbone in responding to the ads.

It begs the question of who’s who in Breck? Does the ski area answer to the town, or does the town answer to the ski area? At least the citizens of the county stood up to let the ski area know their ads are unacceptable.

To me, it also asks a bigger question – at what price do we sell the soul of Summit County?

Summit County real estate is already bent in the way it is marketed to the out-of-town buyer. The mayor and town council of Frisco seem so intent on possible revenue from a golf course on the Frisco Peninsula Recreation Area that they don’t seem to want to listen to the portion of the populace that doesn’t want a golf course on the peninsula.

Perhaps they should keep in mind that the people whose signatures appear on the petition to put the golf course question to a vote are the same people who could vote to unseat them.

I read, too, the recent quotes from County Commissioners Wallace and Lindstrom concerning the urbanization of Summit County. They leave me wondering whether it’s unguarded momentary rhetoric or if they really will stand up and put their collective feet down for “rural (rural?) Colorado?”

But, really, a bigger question than, “At what price do we sell the soul of Summit County?” could be, “Are we already past the point of no return?”

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