Attempt to portray James Dobson as a bigot stretches credibility |

Attempt to portray James Dobson as a bigot stretches credibility

I have to respond to letter-writer Erik Swanson’s utterly pathetic attempt to portray Dr. James Dobson, or anyone else who disagrees with him and thinks homosexuality is perverse or a sin.

Here is the definition of the word bigot from the Encarta dictionary: “Bigot n. somebody who has very strong opinions, especially on matters of politics, religion, or ethnicity, and refuses to accept different views.” That sounds a lot like the people who oppose Dobson.

I couldn’t care less if people are gay. What gays choose to do in the privacy of their own residences is not anyone else’s business, as long as it is not breaking any laws or could cause harm to others.

Maybe if the homosexuals would quit trying to equate their “partnerships” to marriage between a man and woman, they’d get less flack and more acceptance.

Swanson says Dr. Dobson is out to discriminate against homosexuals in housing and employment. If I own a building (which I do), I have the right to pick who I want as a tenant as long as I do not violate Title VIII of the Fair Housing Act of 1968, which says I cannot discriminate based on race, color, national origin, religion, sex, familial status, and the disabled – and I never would.

If I own a business (again, which I do), I have the right, as long as I employ 15 or less people, to hire who I want.

I do employ more than 15 people, so under Title VII of the Equal Employment Opportunity Act I cannot discriminate based on the race, color, national origin, religion, or sex of any applicant. I don’t, and never would. What any employee does when he or she is not working for me is none of my business, again as long as it cannot cause harm to others that I employ, or to my businesses.

As far as teaching that homosexuality is a psychological illness, there is no one clear, definitive answer to this question, although the homosexual lobby tries its best to shut out differentiating points of view by shouting louder, and of course, calling you a bigot if you disagree with it.

And it has the mainstream print and electronic media in its corner, reporting its words as facts. Are homosexuals born that way? I don’t know. Maybe. Maybe not.

And his comments about Dr. Dobson’s supposed ties to “racist organizations,” well, the funny thing is, I think he has the right to say they are racist, but using his words and logic, I don’t have that right, because I disagree with him.

Be wary of those who cast aspersions upon others they disagree with. They may at first sound like the most tolerant, but their words tell a different story.

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