Auditions for Backstage’s ‘Enchanted April’ Jan. 8, 9 |

Auditions for Backstage’s ‘Enchanted April’ Jan. 8, 9

Daily News staff report

DAILY NEWS STAFF REPORTBRECKENRIDGE – The Backstage Theatre in Breckenridge is looking for five women and three men for the upcoming regional premiere production of “Enchanted April.” Auditions are Sunday, Jan. 8 from 1-3 p.m. and Monday, Jan. 9 from 7-9 p.m. at the Breckenridge Theatre located at 121 S. Ridge St. in Breckenridge. Rehearsals for The Backstage Theatre production begin in early February and are flexible with the schedules of the actors. “Enchanted April” opens at the Backstage Theatre on March 23 and will run Thursdays through Saturdays until April 15.”Enchanted April,” adapted by Matthew Barber from the novel by Elizabeth Von Arnim, opens in rain-drenched, 1920’s England as down-hearted and dispirited Lotty Wilton trudges through her day. An advertisement in the paper promising “Wisteria and Sunshine” at an Italian castle catches her eye. She seeks out another forlorn soul, Rose Arnott, and convinces her to share this villa for the month of April. Because of expenses, they are forced to also take in two strangers to share the load. Joining them will be Mrs. Graves, an elderly woman who is hoping to remember “better times and better men,” and the beautiful Lady Caroline who is tired of the constant attention she receives and longs for a restorative quiet time. When they arrive it is still raining, but at least as one of them so aptly puts it, “This is Italian rain.” When morning dawns, the sun comes out and remains with them for the month. Enchanted with the peace and tranquility of her new surroundings, Lotty longs to share her joy with her husband. When he arrives, Lotty urges Rose to invite her husband as well, but Rose fears that her husband, an author of racy novels under a pen name, will not come. Imagine her surprise when he shows up immediately. Of course, the catch is that he had no idea his wife was there but was hoping to have a dalliance with Lady Caroline. In the peaceful Italian sun, marriages heal, new love blossoms, and unlikely friendships are born. The play is light, filled with delicious humor and profound sentiments to stir your heart and soul. Call the Backstage Theatre at (970) 453-0199 for more information.Characters to be CastLotty Wilton (20s-40s): A Hampstead housewife with a mercurial personality; spontaneous and warm, but under her husband’s thumb.Rose Arnott (20s-40s): A Hampstead housewife; much more conservative than Lotty with an abiding sadness over losing a child; pretty; referred to as “the disappointed Madonna.”Mellersh Wilton (30s-50s): Lottie’s husband; a self-important, ambitious solicitor who values punctuality and propriety.Frederick Arnott (30s-50s): Rose’s husband who writes under the pen name Florian Ayers; the life of the party; unbeknownst to his wife he’s been carrying on an affair with Lady Caroline, among others.Lady Caroline Bramble (mid-20s): A wealthy socialite; a “modern” with a jazz and gin party girl reputation that masks her sorrow over losing her husband in WWI.Antony Wilding (20s-40s): An artist and the owner of the Italian villa since his mother’s death; eager for romance and an income to maintain the villa.Mrs. Graves (late 50s-70s): A grouchy London matron and quite a snob until her defenses are down; walks with a cane until she is “restored” in Italy.Costanza (40s-60s): Vivacious Italian housekeeper who has worked for the Wildings for years. A scene-stealing role. – Note: Age ranges are general and may be adjusted upwards or downwards depending on those who audition.- Suggested British dialects for all but Costanza who speaks Italian.

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