Author of web comment needs help |

Author of web comment needs help

With regard to the web comment made by an anonymous person about sending someone to the hospital for running into their daughter on the snow hill, please people! I have been on the Breck mountain for 17 years and have seen my share of collisions involving both skiers and snowboarders. Accidents happen on the mountain and usually they are the fault of both people involved. This person says that “if a snowboarder rammed into my daughter, girl or not, she would have been a heck of a lot more than ‘punched’ – she’d have a one way trip to the hospital.” This person needs some anger management classes. I think this is quite disturbing! What kind of message are we sending to our children if we lose control and lash out a someone for the slightest mistake? A major part of what is causing many of the problems in the world are because of rapid, thoughtless retaliation. The article about the incident said the girl that was hit by the snowboarder was not badly injured. I think the man who attacked her got what he deserved. Honestly, a grown man who would punch a young girl should be seriously punished. Think about it. A 50 something year old man punching a young girl? I don’t care who you are or how much you love your daughter, if I saw you attacking a woman, whatever age, I would call the cops on you in a second and hope for a prison sentence.

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