Authorities puzzled by mystery object over Colo. |

Authorities puzzled by mystery object over Colo.

The Associated Press

DENVER – Authorities are puzzled following reports of a mystery object photographed over Colorado.

The North American Aerospace Defense Command, a U.S.-Canadian command responsible for defending the skies over both countries, said it wasn’t tracking any space vehicles over Saguache County in central Colorado, where a mystery contrail was reported early Thursday.

According to KMGH-TV ( ), the Army says it launched a target missile out of Fort Wingate, near Gallup, N.M., around that time, but they don’t believe it landed in Colorado.

The Colorado State Patrol, which got a report of the mystery object and a possible plane crash early Wednesday, says there are no reports of missing aircraft and it hasn’t found any debris.

Colorado State Patrol spokesman Josh Lewis says a search has been suspended pending new information.

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