Authorities rescue dog from thin ice |

Authorities rescue dog from thin ice

Caddie Nath
summit daily news

A local dog is unharmed after he took a risky walk on thin ice near Tiger Road Nov. 25 and had to be rescued by local authorities.

Special Operations sgt. Cole Osborn, of the Summit County Sheriff’s Office, managed to half-coax, half-push the Jack Russel Terrier Johah back to safety from the middle of a partially frozen dredge pond where he found himself stranded after chasing after some ducks.

“He was running around and all of a sudden he just froze,” owner Rod Vargas of Frisco, stated in a release from the sheriff’s office. “I think he looked down and realized where he was.”

Video of the rescue shows Osborne on his stomach using a log to coax the frightened dog back to thicker ice toward the edge of the pond before sliding them both back to the shore and his concerned family.

“It was so touching what they did,” Vargas stated. “I know for them it was probably something they deal with daily, but for us it was a big deal.”

The Vargas family called 911 after Jonah slipped his leash following a hike near the pond. Animal control officer Ian Andrews arrived on scene first and kept the family calm until Osborn arrived with a dry suit.

Authorities said Jonah’s close call should be a warning to others.

“This time of year, you should assume that no ice is safe,” Sheriff John Minor stated in the release. “Keep your pet on a leash, and don’t go out on the ice after your pet. Hypothermia can render you unconscious in less than 15 minutes.”

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