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Avalanche triggered in closed area of Copper Mountain Resort

Snow cats groom the fresh snow at Copper Mountain Resort.
Courtesy Copper Mountain Resort

COPPER MOUNTAIN RESORT — Avalanche blasts at ski resorts can be startling, but they show the fact of the sport that avalanches happen and resorts attempt to mitigate them in every way they can. Resorts blast dynamite to trigger avalanches in closed areas and they rope off areas that are too risky. While ducking under a rope to hit that fresh powder may seem harmless, it can come with serious consequences.

Copper Mountain Resort spokeswoman Taylor Prather reported that over the past weekend, an avalanche was triggered off of a traverse to the advanced Lower Enchanted Forest run. The resort area was closed, but cameras showed an individual disregard the closure. The small avalanche that ensued was likely a result of this individual.

Prather said that while avalanches on Copper Mountain in closed areas aren’t uncommon, a routine natural slide can turn dangerous if skiers or snowboarders disregard run closures. Prather added that no one was reported injured in the incident.

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