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Avoid turning e-mail auto-responses into auto-enragers

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Not long ago, I extolled the importance of using e-mail auto-responders to provide your customers with a “heads-up” if they should expect to experience a delay in receiving a response; setting one up while you’re away in Hawaii on a three-week vacation would be a great example of wisely using an auto-responder.

I had previously assumed that, when it came to constructing an auto-responder’s text, common sense would be an adequate guide … but perhaps I assumed too much.

Earlier this week, I e-mailed the owner of a company who had been looking to retain our web-design services. Within moments of sending my e-mail to him, I received an auto-responder from his e-mail program containing nothing other than: “Hello, I am unavailable to read your message at this time.”

This type of vague, automated response can actually cause more harm than good. In my case, I had no idea if the business owner was out of the office momentarily, for the day, for the week or for the month. I had no clue as to how long it might be before he would be available to read my message. I couldn’t understand the purpose of the message I’d just received; I was just downright confused.

Our goal here is to inform customers, not to confuse them. If you use auto-responders to share important information, simply remember to provide all the relevant details in a polite, clear manner. You’ll help strengthen, not weaken, the relationships you have with your customers.

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And that’s it for today, everyone. Have a great week, and see ya next Monday.

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