Avon still pursuing water park | SummitDaily.com

Avon still pursuing water park

Nicole Freyeagle county correspondent

AVON – Kayakers are one step closer to gliding around the gates and pulling off tricks at an Avon water park.The Avon Town Council unanimously gave the go-ahead for town staff to try to secure the water right for a 1,000-foot stretch on either side of Bob the Bridge.”We’re just asking for the right to use it,” town engineer Norm Wood said. “We’re not moving the water anywhere.”While having a water right is preferable, the town doesn’t need one to move forward with plans to build the park. Having a water right would simply help ensure the water is in the park’s section of the Eagle River. “Even if we don’t have the water right, the water is already there,” Wood said. “The water right would just give us some protection for the future.”Town staff also has the task of getting the permission of about three or four property owners to use their half of the river.

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