Babies born in August |

Babies born in August

Aug. 1

Isaac David Ortiz-Jimenez to Fernando Ortiz and Gloria Jimenez of Silverthorne

Charlotte Starnes Bibeau to Catherine Starnes and Lou Bibeau of Alma

Aug. 3

Samuel Lee Glass Klug to Noah and Kristina Klug of Dillon

Aug. 5

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Sabina Brianna Jackson to Irena Tvdor and Ryan Jackson of Silverthorne

Axel Hernandez Janahy to Rios and Guillermo Hernandez of Leadville

Aug. 7

Emma Rose Mc Coy to John and Juanita McCoy of Leadville

Aug. 11

Diego Armando Flores to Yuritsia Hernandez and Armando Flores of Dillon

Saray Asencion Montes-Aviila to Joel Montes and Elidia Avila of Frisco

Jacob Austin Mazlish to Jared and Darcy Mazlish of Breckenridge

Aug. 12

Evan Thomas Kurth to Mike and Jeaniene Kurth of Silverthorne

Aug. 13

Arlette Briana Casao Martinez to Jorge Casao Cardenans and Maria Martinez of Silverthorne

Aug. 14

Alan Emanuel Lopez Salazar to Marcela Nicolasa Salazar and Luis Octavio Lopez of Dillon

Pia Viola Jago to Aidyl and Paul Jago of Copper Mountain

Aug. 18

Samira Amayrani Sanchez-Ramirez to Lydia and Gerardo Sanchez of Silverthorne

Aug. 20

Briana Ayelen Almeida-Rueda to Daneil Almeida and Reina Soto of Dillon

Aug. 24

Chase Matthew Villalon to Bryon and Milly Villalon of Kremmling

Ella Suzanne Fishman to Julie and Lou Fishman of Breckenridge

Aug. 25

Jaxon Michael Haserto Jenny and Shaun Haser of Alma

Leo Finn Castline to Ryan and Jill Castline of Dillon

Aug. 27

Lila Grace Dickson to Shannon Dickson of Breckenridge

Madison Grace Miller to Mark and Kelsey Miller of Breckenridge

Aug. 28

Atlas Brent Z Meyer to Brent and Karen Meyer of Blue River

Bella Reese Hulbert to Curt and Tracie Hulbert of Fairplay