Back page: Bear travels 235 miles for a mate |

Back page: Bear travels 235 miles for a mate

WARSAW, Poland — A Polish brown bear went a wooing, little knowing that scientists were following all the way. Starting from the Tatra Mountains, the bear crossed borders and a highway as it covered some 380 kilometers (235 miles). Nuria Selva, a researcher with the Polish Academy of Sciences, said Friday she found it fascinating that the 5-year-old bear, collared last year and named Iwo, cleverly avoided danger. Walking through Slovakia to Hungary, he avoided villages and apparently crossed fields at night to avoid people. He crossed a highway in Slovakia and swam across the Ondava River. He turned back in Hungary, where no bears live, and returned to Poland’s Bieszczady region, a bear habitat. To a happy ending? Selva says it will be difficult to confirm whether Iwo found his mate.

—The Associated Press

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