Back page: Priest’s puppy pulled from pipes |

Back page: Priest’s puppy pulled from pipes

BUTTE, Mont. (AP) — A Montana priest has his puppy back after law enforcement officers and an animal control officer pulled the shaking animal from the inside of a 30-foot drain pipe that runs under part of the church. The Montana Standard reports the small black-and-brown animal couldn’t be found after Sunday Mass in Butte. The Rev. Patrick Beretta said he initially suspected puppy-nappers had taken the 8-week-old mastiff. Officers Patrick Fleming and Callie Daly looked for a potential dog thief but suspected the animal hadn’t gone far. They returned to the church and shined a flashlight into the pipe, spotting the puppy. An animal control officer used a catch pole to nudge the dog within Fleming’s reach so the officer could pull her to safety.

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