Back page: Sasquatch artist nabbed by police |

Back page: Sasquatch artist nabbed by police

KENNEBUNK, Maine (AP) — Authorities have nabbed a man who’s accused of spray-painting images of Sasquatch on public property in Kennebunk, Maine. Police in the picturesque coastal town didn’t find the graffiti featuring Bigfoot all that amusing and charged te man with criminal mischief and possession of drugs. He’s due in court in November. Police Chief Robert MacKenzie says the Sasquatches defaced public and private property and cost “time and money to repair or replace.” Sasquatch is the folkloric beast thought by some people to roam the forests, particularly in the Pacific Northwest. Police say the graffiti was concentrated around Kennebunk Beach. A phone number can’t be located. It’s unknown if he has a lawyer who could comment on the charges.

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