Bad caption on photo |

Bad caption on photo

Rebecca Johnson

In reference to the May 23 Summit Daily News issue and the “I’m Too Sexy” caption above the picture of the young child.

I was appauled this caption was placed above the picture of, and referring to a little boy who is probably no more than 5 years old ” for any reason ” model competition or not. So was every person I spoke with today.

We as a society (and you as a responsible newspaper) should know better than to refer to a young child by/in any manner as “Sexy”.

You couldn’t have said, “I’m too cute” maybe ” which is not much better but at least it does not have a sexual connotation to it.

This caption was inappropriate and bad judgement on the part of the paper for allowing it to go to print. To the person that came up with this caption? For you I say wrong, wrong, wrong ” what were you thinking?

As a responsible and respected member of this community I feel you owe the parent(s) of this child an apology ” as well for the community at large.

This was a stupid, innapropriate choice of words – and this momentary lapse in judgement on someone’s part is not a reflection of the Summit County Community.

Be more thoughful in the future, for our children’s sake …

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