Ban on smoking is the latest in the corporate enslaving of America |

Ban on smoking is the latest in the corporate enslaving of America

I read with interest this last week, while vacationing in your area, the angst and arguments concerning the abolishing of minority rights by civil authority in your community.

It is obvious to me that many Summit residents have not yet learned the proper mental stance necessary for modern life.

First, I recommend that folks get over their drama that they live in a “free” nation, or that they have any “rights” worth comment.

By way of illustration, simply consider the number and cost of the tags, stickers, permits or licenses required to simply drive a vehicle legally down a publicly funded road.

Or list the number of taxing authorities who have first claim on any piece of valuable property you think you “own.” Today’s government is not a “constitutional” republic, but is better thought of as a “corporate” model.

For instance, when I came to Summit, I had to disarm myself, pay taxes and levies to the government and airlines, consent to be searched by Transportation Security Administration folks who could take a little time off from X-raying themselves at DIA, insure and buckle myself in for the ride and then assume all liability for any injury on the slopes whether caused by myself or others while paying extra taxes so the locals wouldn’t have to.

If I was a constitutionalist, or considered myself a “free” person, any one of these events could cause me distress. However, when I assumed a realistic stance as a mere pawn of the whims of corporate powers beyond my understanding or control, I could relax and concentrate on wedging down the green runs.

Give up smoking for the children? Why not. Release folks from any responsibility for mayhem on the slopes? Sign me up. Faux diversity? I’m there.

Search my person and belongings to “fight terrorism?” Whatever, dude. Freedom, if it ever existed, is long gone. My advice is to learn to live in the new world.

Every day we are offered the choice between slavery and rebellion, and so far, everyone is pretty OK with the subtle modern slavery of the corporate model.

Robert Langham

Tyler, Texas

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