Band answers as interesting as their sounds |

Band answers as interesting as their sounds

Who: Better Than BaconWhen: 9 tonightWhere: MotherLoaded Tavern, BreckenridgeWhere’d the name come from? One of our friend’s suggestions. She combined our love for playing our music with our love for eating, and since bacon is universally accepted as delicious, she suggested that our band was “Better Than Bacon!” Thus, the name was hatched. We can only hope that our “greasy rock ‘n’ roll with old soul” is as enjoyable and revered as bacon!Home base: Fort CollinsType of music: We call our sound “greasy rock ‘n’ roll with old soul.” We package well-crafted tunes, punchy grooves, gritty vocals and sizzling guitars with buttery harmonies and jazz sensibilities. At tonight’s show at the ML tavern, we’ll also be showcasing a broad collection of cover songs that range from classic rock and country to old school soul, blues and dance music.If your music were a tangible item, what would it be, and why? A fat hog! Our debut album to be released in a few weeks is dubbed “High on the Hog” and touches upon different musical genres. With regard to the hog, some people might prefer the baby back ribs, some like the bacon and pork belly, and some want the pork chops. With our album and live performances, we’re hoping that everyone who listens will slice off something they like and come back for more!Why do people love ya? We mix it up and play to the room. We don’t have a pre-determined set list but rather let it evolve with the crowd and energy of the room. (We’re also all genuine, approachable guys and are very unpretentious!) If the dance floor is hopping, we are a “jammier” band that will keep the groove going and the dancers flowing! If it’s early in the night and the dancers aren’t out yet, we’ll play an old Johnny Cash tune or familiar Tom Petty hit to get folks loosened up and bouncing to the beat. If it’s been a wild night, we’ll throw in a few slow-burning old soul tunes for people to get greasy with on the dance floor! Or if it’s a beer drinking, hell-raisin’ night, we’ll throw crunchy classic rock and screaming guitars at ’em!How do you keep it fresh? We keep it fresh and engaging by mixing up the song list and playing to the specific engagement. Some nights we’re a soaring jam experience, while other nights we’re an up-tempo juke joint and blues band. Sometimes we border more on pop music, such as classic country and contemporary R&B songs. In any given set, you may see us cover Jimi Hendrix and Johnny Cash couple with Marvin Gaye, Gun n’ Roses and the Allman Brothers. The next set may find us playing the Beatles and the Grateful Dead sandwiched between a few old Freddie King blues tunes.What’s the craziest thing you’ve done/weirdest experience? Generally speaking, we’ve had a weird experience with playing a particular song, “Soulshine,” written by Warren Haynes of the Allman Brothers and Gov’t Mule. We close the night with it because it’s a pretty and uplifting tune that sends people out into the night in good spirits. However, there have been at least three separate occasions where fights have broken out in the middle of the set closer, with cops, broken windows and the whole nine yards! Can’t say a Bacon show isn’t full of surprises!

Who: GOOD GRAVY! (with ReaLifeActual opening the night)When: 9 tonightWhere: three20south, BreckWhere’d the name come from? An old friend and fan started to yell “GOOD GRAVY!” in response to the excitement created by our unique sound. This expression from rowdy fans continues to move through the jam scene.Home base: Fort CollinsType of music: Progressive jam. These no-boundaries musicians play everything from fast paced bluegrass to hard hitting electronica. If your music were a tangible item, what would it be, and why? A psychedelic gravy boat … Do we really need to explain?Why do people love ya? We maintain captivating melodies while also creating an intense energy in our jams that is unparalleled.How do you keep it fresh? We are passionate about consistently shaping our sound and refining our stage presence to create a unique experience for every show.What’s the craziest thing you’ve done/weirdest experience? Getting chased out of town and run off the road by a gun-yielding drunken local in the Ozarks for parking at one liquor store and buying beer at the competing liquor store across the street. Wow – see ya!

Who: Del the Funky HomosapienWhen: SaturdayWhere: three20southWhere’d the name come from? I wanted to sound the way a scientist would sound.Home base: The San Francisco Bay Area Type of music: Hip-hopWho are you: A member of HieroglyphicsIf your music were a tangible item, what would it be, and why? A sledge hammer. It’s heavy and forceful.Why do people love ya? I could guess it’s my demeanor. I’m a Leo.How do you keep it fresh? I do it [music] all the time. Practice makes perfect. I look for things that are fresh. I try to stay hip.What’s the craziest thing you’ve done/weirdest experience? I don’t think I’ve seen it yet.

Who: Truth & Salvage CompanyWhen: SundayWhere: three20southWhere’d the name come from? We’d been throwing band names around for a while. Having six guys picking one name isn’t the easiest chore. During this time we were rehearsing a lot, but not gigging much, so we had the time to throw band names about, and we had a running list: The Green Millers, The Neverbirds, Rabbitfoot, The Loyal Hearts, to mention a few. Anyway, it was tortuous. After one night of deliberations, Timmy had had enough and cried, “The TRUTH is that there are enough words in this damn Dictionary to SALVAGE some band name!” Them words rang. On a metaphysical level, Truth & Salvage has a lot of depth. Truth is that we are musical lifers. This band was formed by six guys salvaging their best and bringing it to the table.Home base: The band officially formed in Los Angeles. Smitty, Walker and myself found ourselves there by way of Asheville N.C., where we had lived and contributed to the music scene for several years. We moved to L.A. to shoot the veritable moon and met Timmy and Adam, who had moved there to do the same. Honestly our mailing addresses have L.A. zip codes, but since touring with the Crowes in 2009 and the record in 2010, we have been there rarely. I’m answering these questions barreling down the road in my real home, The White Eagle, aka ole’ dependable.Type of music: Psychedelic country rock ‘n’ roll.If your music were a tangible item, what would it be, and why? Dirt. You can feel it in your hands. It’s simple, it’s essential. It’s always been, more will grow from it, and we will always go back to it. It is something everybody can understand. Why do people love ya? Because we are honest. We like hanging with them. We write good songs that are easy to sing along to, that you want to sing along to. They like having drinking contests with us.How do you keep it fresh? We are living twice as fast as we should be, but we get the opportunity to see so much of this beautiful country. I’m sitting here checking out the plains of the Midwest, fertile soil, wind farms, knowing in three days we will be seeing the Rockies, then the Painted Desert, then the mighty Northwest. This country is spectacular, and it’s an honor to get to know it so well. Change of scenery and a good attitude – let us not forget that we are giving our dreams a run for the money – how can that ever get stale? And of course blame day. One day a week, we get to blame all of our problems on one guy and he has to take it like a champ. That relieves a lot of stress; it’s nice to have a day when you are fault free.What’s the craziest thing you’ve done/weirdest experience? Every day is pretty wild when you are on the road, and at the same time it’s mundane, routine. Our gig in Madison, Wis., coincided with the teacher protests. Everybody saw it on TV; we saw it for real. Last night driving down the highway we watched this burning corn silo light up the sky – no fire trucks just the full moon and clouds of orange smoke. It was beautiful. Last week we got snowed in with the rest of Little Rock, Ark., from their first snow in 20 years. We saw carcasses of Mac trucks littering the roads with metal and cardboard. Playing for the troops in Iraq in 2008 tops it all. We were black hawked from base to base, we shot very big guns, we walked on ancient Mesopotamian pyramids that had yet to be excavated, and we played rock songs for squadrons of proud American Soldiers/Iraqi Soldiers dancing like there might not be tomorrow. It was wild, charged.

Who: Hot Buttered RumWhen: MondayWhere: three20southWhere’d the name come from? We bathe in it every morning on tour. It makes the long drives much more bearable …Home base: San Francisco Bay AreaType of music: We like American music.If your music were a tangible item, what would it be, and why? A tiger. Tigers are awesome.Why do people love ya? Because we’re just like tigers: fierce and unpredictable. And big and covered in stripes.How do you keep it fresh? We hang out in produce sections as often as we can. We live for the ones with simulated rainstorm sounds. Sometimes, we have to settle for opening the refrigerator in the green room. We all do what we can.What’s the craziest thing you’ve done/weirdest experience? We put our heads in a tiger’s mouth once – all five of them at once. The tiger was confused, and the zoo keeper got pretty upset; we were just trying to bond. We thought they’d both appreciate our daring, but, hey, that’s life in the performance art world. You never know how people are going to take things.

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