Barb Bomier: Save Camp Hale |

Barb Bomier: Save Camp Hale

Barb Bomier
Red Cliff

To our neighbors in Summit County – Please help! Scenic Byway, Highway 24 and Historic Camp Hale are both endangered!

On Sept. 21, the town council of Red Cliff, Colorado, passed the first reading for the proposed annexation of a 30.33 acre parcel of land, a quarry, along Scenic Byway, Highway 24. If this annexation passes, it will allow the application for another proposed annexation, at Historic Camp Hale, to be considered.

The first parcel, the quarry, would extract rock for 15 years, from a cliff band, along Scenic Byway, Highway 24. After quarry operations have ceased, 10 residences would be built. First they said most of the rock would be wholesaled, but when it was pointed out to them there wouldn’t be enough of a financial benefit to the town, they changed their tune and now say that there would be more retail sales.

An application to operate the quarry was denied by Eagle County in 2000/2001. Eagle County opposes this new application, as do the Forest Service, DOW, the Scenic Byways Committee, and residents in and surrounding Red Cliff. Both applicants for these annexation applications know they would be denied by Eagle County, thus their applications to “desperate” Red Cliff.

The second parcel (79 acres), for which an application for annexation to Red Cliff has been submitted, is at historic Camp Hale. Owners wish to build 24 residences, each on 1 acre parcels, and expand their existing operation from 4,500 sq. ft. to 15,000 sq. ft.

Despite all who are against these annexations, it is very possible the town council of Red Cliff will pass the second and final reading of the first application. Vote is scheduled to take place Oct. 5 at 7 p.m., in the Red Cliff Town Council chambers.