Barker: Let the truth be known |

Barker: Let the truth be known

Helen Barker,

Unfortunately with political ads these days, we hear and see statements that are just not true. One in particular has caught my attention and based on three independent fact checkers and numerous news sites, the claim is false.

A Romney campaign ad claims that Obama ended/gutted welfare work requirements. Further, Santorum falsely claimed that Obama has waived welfare’s work requirement entirely.

The Tampa Bay Times, Fact and the Washington Post Fact Checker all say the Republican claim is false!

Even when asked Wednesday morning, the 29th of August, whether the welfare claim is a lie, Gov. Sam Brownback (Republican-Kansas) replied, “as far as I have seen.”

In reality, the Obama administration has said it will consider proposals from states that are aimed at finding better ways of getting welfare recipients into jobs.

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The Republican claim is a drastic distortion of what the Obama administration said it intends to do. By granting waivers to states, Health and Human Service (HHS) is seeking to make welfare-to-work efforts more successful, not end them. The waivers would apply to individually evaluated pilot programs – HHS is not proposing a blanket, national change to welfare law. And there have been no comments by the Obama administration indicating such a dramatic shift in policy.

However, just this Tuesday, Aug. 28, at the Republican National Convention, Romney pollster Neil Newhouse stated:

“We’re not going to let our campaign be dictated by fact-checkers.”

It would appear the Republicans believe if you repeat a lie often enough, especially on TV and in the media, the American people will believe it is the truth.