Bashing Texans is getting old; "gapers’ keep the economy going |

Bashing Texans is getting old; "gapers’ keep the economy going

I logged on the Internet this morning and pulled up the Summit Daily News, like I do every morning. I’m incredibly irritated by this “poll” that asks, “Are drivers in Summit County incompetent terrors on the road?” The possible answers are yes, no and “only Texans.”

Come on, people, it’s getting really old. You know, this whole “bash the Texans” thing. I lived in Summit County for around five years until I moved to Dallas a couple of years ago.

It was, at the time, a terrifying change for me. I admit that. But, the longer I live here, the more I notice one thing that really stands out – Texans are genuine, nice people. Period.

I was welcomed here with open arms. In Summit County these days, it seems that you’re an obsolete idiot unless you can prove your downhill skills, paddling abilities or just be able to gulp a case of beer without feeling the altitude. Big deal.

It is incredibly embarrassing for me when asked where I used to live. I always get the same response, “Oh, they hate Texans there, huh?”

How can it be productive when a whole state, especially one from which 80 percent of your tourism comes, knows you hate it?

So what if they ask a billion stupid questions? Yes, I know the most favored of all, “Where do you store the moguls in the summer?”

Answer their stupid questions and take their money. They’re on vacation to spend money. Make it easy for them. The nastier you are, the less likely it is that people will come back. Maybe that’s what you want.

Then again, maybe you should give some thought to the aftermath. No tourists means no revenue, which means no town. OK, so Breck, Dillon, Silverthorne and Frisco would all still be there. But look at your job right now – would it still be there? If so, you’re lucky.

To those of you who are too good for the tourism:

n You make fun of those who don’t live there. Would you rather everyone live there? How much fun would that be?

n You get irritated and hostile towards tourists who “gape” at everything. The “gapers” are only mystified by the beauty of the place where you just happen to live. Be proud of your surroundings and that others appreciate the beauty. You obviously have something in common with these people. They could just as easily have gone to the beach.

n I’m guessing that you moved to Summit County by choice. News flash!!!!! It’s a freakin’ resort town. Were you not aware? If you’re that appalled by the tourism, then maybe you should live somewhere else, say Texas? I’m sure Iowa is nice and quiet. No? Want to stay in the mountains? Move your bitter ass to Nederland. I hear the hippies welcome all kinds.

n I can almost say for a fact that 99.9 percent of you “locals” don’t call Summit County your hometown. You are not Summit County-born, or even raised. In fact, most of you are from places such as Illinois, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Indiana, Oklahoma, Missouri and yes – Texas. Aren’t you all just “gapers” on an extended stay?

It was always funny to hear people who had just moved to town. They would catch wind of the phrase “gapers” and immediately jump on the bandwagon, knowing nothing of their importance and all of their ignorance.

The only incompetence I see is in the marketing skills of Summit County residents.

To those of you who do appreciate the tourists/Texans, keep up the good work. Summit County will thrive because of folks like you.

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