Baxter Pharr: Lowe’s just what Silverthorne needs |

Baxter Pharr: Lowe’s just what Silverthorne needs

Baxter Pharr

If there is one thing that Silverthorne needs most it is good-paying jobs. I just witnessed my neighbor lose his home to foreclosure after unsuccessfully searching for a job in Summit County for 18 months. Lowe’s is a North Carolina-based company that will bring high-paying jobs and an expanded tax base to Silverthorne. In addition, as more people start improving their homes, their home’s value will increase which can only add to the county’s property tax base. Since Lowe’s employees will need a place to live, the real estate market will get a much-needed shot in the arm. And because these new employees will be spending money on everything from groceries to cars to bicycles, the local economy will improve more rapidly.

The only valid arguments that I have heard against bringing a Lowe’s to town are that it would increase competition with other building supply stores and force them to lower their prices somewhat. Well guess what? Capitalism encourages competition and lower prices benefit all consumers. Sure traffic may be a temporary inconvenience to some Wildernest residents, but there are alternative routes to these residences. All things considered, Lowe’s is just what this town needs … it makes home improvement a reality and revitalizes our economy.

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