Be fit, fab and free this year |

Be fit, fab and free this year

“If you had more freedom to move, to love, to prosper and to make a difference, would you?”That’s the question healer, teacher and entrepreneur Jolina Karen is asking people this month. When they say yes, she opens the door for them – into a jam-packed, sassy, creative and fun workshop aimed at finding fulfillment through true freedom.”One of the drivers is, I care very deeply about freedom,” Karen said. “Not about the fantasy of freedom where you lie on a beach all day. I’m talking about the freedom that comes from really knowing yourself and loving yourself and being authentic in being of service in a way that is meaningful to you.”Her one-day workshop on Feb. 5 addresses three main areas, which over two decades of working as a healer and teacher, she has found people struggle the most with: health, wealth and relationships. “At the core of all those three areas is the relationship you have with yourself … and that’s great news because the one relationship you have power to change is your relationship with yourself,” Karen said. “And when you change that, everything else shifts.”She helps people clarify and align their life with their values.”The biggest challenge is that 99 percent of all people have no clue what their values are,” she said. “We’ll dive into that.”She supports people to do what’s best for themselves, because once they do that, they give permission to others to do the same. And that, she believes, will change the world; growing up in South Africa, she experienced first-hand how a lack of freedom – people corralled and restricted in what they could achieve and how they could act because of race – creates tension, which ultimately gets discharged as anger toward other people.”(The more) we have the freedom to do the things we want to do and create relationships we want and express ourselves in ways that really fulfill us, the less we are inclined to go to war with other people,” she said.With all of the knowledge she has amassed as an international teacher with certifications in psychology, somatic therapies, the Demartini Method and kinesiology, she could easily present the workshop herself. But because she wants to create an even more multidimensional experience, she has invited a handful of presenters who inspire her.Further inspirationsLisa Dion is an internationally recognized, cutting-edge counselor and Play Therapy supervisor who has introduced innovative models of therapy. She runs five businesses, supervises over 30 therapists, writes and is a mother and wife; this is how she pulls it off:”I am clear about my purpose, am inspired and have organized my life in a way that allows me to do what I love to do on a daily basis,” Dion said.Susan Roberts was an international vice president for AT&T Wireless and now acts as a business coach, showing others how to exceed their financial goals. She’ll head up the money-making portion of the day by helping participants learn how to understand themselves better and communicate more effectively.Other presenters, including Judi LaPoint and Deborah Shaner will bring humor, booty-shakin’ dance and deeper ways to integrate the lectures participants hear into a full-body experience.Though Karen has led plenty of workshops, this is the first time she’s incorporating movement and dance.”(It’s) the first time that I’m stepping into me … and all of the different ideas and trainings I’ve had over the past two decades,” Karen said. “(This is a chance) to share and connect with people you love and who challenge and stimulate you. (It offers) freedom to create a life that’s actually inspiring, stimulating and fulfilling.”

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