Bear attacks man after he leaves outhouse |

Bear attacks man after he leaves outhouse


TRINIDAD – Harold Cerda had just left an outhouse on a remote Colorado ranch when a bear swatted him to the ground and chased him to his car – where Cerda discovered the animal had eaten his lunch, wildlife officials said Friday.Cerda, 29, was treated and released at a Pueblo hospital for bruises and possible nerve damage to his neck and shoulder, the Colorado Division of Wildlife said.Cerda had no listed phone number. The bear attacked Cerda when he was working on the ranch Wednesday outside Stonewall, a small town 175 miles south of Denver near the New Mexico border.When Cerda stopped to use the outhouse, the bear crawled in an open window of his car and ate his lunch, the Division of Wildlife said.The bear was walking toward the outhouse when Cerda emerged. After knocking Cerda down, the animal ran up a hill and then returned; Cerda ran to his car about 30 feet away, climbed inside and started the engine to get the electric windows up, according to a press release.”All four windows were down and they go up real slow,” a Division of Wildlife press release quoted Cerda as saying. “I got them closed just in time.”Once inside he noticed the remnants of his lunch.Division of Wildlife spokesman Michael Seraphin said he had no other information about the incident.District Wildlife Manager Bob Holder said a trap had been set for the bear and it would be destroyed if captured because it had attacked a human.Holder called the incident a chance encounter caused by Cerda’s lunch.”In most conflicts between people and bears some sort of food source is involved,” he said.

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