Becky Ru: Misleading pollsters |

Becky Ru: Misleading pollsters

Becky Ru

When is a poll not a poll? When it’s an attempt to influence your vote instead of just ask you about it.

Consider this call that I received last week: It started out innocently enough, asking about my familiarity with various candidates for national office. But then it strayed towards a series of increasingly slanted questions: First, “what issue from the following list is most important to you?” The choices given were a recitation of the Republican platform, but no mention of global warming or the environment (I ended up picking “economy and jobs,” though I mainly meant “economy”). Then, “which candidate will do more to lower energy prices, Bob Schaffer or Mark Udall?” (Huh? Political posturing would change the global dynamic?) But here is the kicker: “I will read you a statement about Mark Udall and tell me if this will make you more likely to vote for him, less likely or doesn’t make a difference.”

And here is the statement: “Mark Udall supported a $10 million earmark for a bridge to nowhere that isn’t even for humans!”

Did Mark Udall really support a $10 million earmark for a bridge to nowhere? No. Udall and Sen. Allard supported the amount of $420,000 from the Public Lands Discretionary Fund for several agencies (FHWA, CDOT, USFWS, USFS, CDOW) to study the feasibility of a wildlife bridge across I-70 west of Vail Pass. The purpose would be to reconnect wildlife habitat that the interstate bisects, but also benefits humans in reducing incidents of animal-vehicle collisions and increasing opportunity for wildlife viewing. Nor is the idea new ” there are wildlife crossings in Canada and Europe, and planned for I-90 in Washington State. (Above information obtained from

Who do YOU think called me? Not a legitimate pollster, thats for sure!

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