Being pro choice does not mean being pro abortion |

Being pro choice does not mean being pro abortion

Gary Lindstrommonday columnist

I am pro choice. I have always been pro choice. I am in favor of a woman’s right to choose what happens to her body. The same way I am in favor of a man’s right to choose what happens to his body. Being pro choice does not mean pro abortion.Pro choice means that you support having a woman make her own decisions about her own body including reproductive rights.It took me a long time to finally figure out what all of this means.

I am a Christian. I became a Christian nearly 54 years ago. I realize that many of my Christian friends are pro life.I respect the opinion of the people who are pro life. I know that they are advocates for children and for the sanctity of life.Many pro life people are against the death penalty and so am I. A true pro life advocated is committed to the preservation of life under all circumstances.I do have a problem with the hypocrisy of some pro life advocates who are in favor of the death penalty. Either you respect life or you don’t. You have to make up your mind.Being pro life is one of the choices in being pro choice. The decision to not have an abortion and carry a fetus to full term is considered pro life. That is one of the choices in being pro choice.

I like to explain it this way. If a woman came to me to ask my advice about whether she should carry a fetus to full term and birth, I would advise her to give birth and not to have an abortion. There are hundreds of women who would love to have a newborn child to cherish and nourish. I think that it is a tremendous gift to someone to carry and give birth to a child and then relinquish it to a woman who can’t have her own child. I know a lot of women in Summit County who have traveled to the far places on this earth to get a child for their family. I think that is great. I think that it is a tremendous sacrifice but will result in the child having a better life here in the United States.That too is a choice. A woman’s right to choose to travel to Russia, China, Viet Nam or Eastern Europe to get a child. What a wonderful choice for the mother and child.I also know many women who have chosen to have an abortion. That is a woman’s right to choose. I am old enough to remember when abortions were performed by people in dark apartments in Denver under horrible conditions. Many times the woman would die because of these conditions.Today women who exercise their right to choose can go to a medical facility and have the procedure under very sterile and clean conditions. Part of a woman’s right to choose.

The Alito hearings in Washington recently have brought a lot of this back to the forefront. We have pickets and demonstrations at the capitol about a woman’s right to choose.I have spent a lot of time doing research and reading everything I can about Roe vs. Wade and the implications to our constitution. I personally do not feel that it is a legal issue and that it most certainly not a constitutional issue. The privacy issues and the states rights issues are not weighted heavily enough in my opinion to reach the level of the United States Supreme Court.I think that the question should be answered in the hearts and minds of the women who are directly affected by the decision to have an abortion or to carry the fetus to full term. The Supreme Court of the individual and not the Supreme Court of the Nation should decide. It is a human rights issue and not a matter of public policy or law.State Rep. Gary Lindstrom of Lakeview Meadows represents Summit, Eagle and Lake counties. He can be reached at

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