Bethann Huston: Bad decisions can be life-altering |

Bethann Huston: Bad decisions can be life-altering

Bethann Huston

I read your article reporting the sentencing of Freddy Preciado with extreme sadness. My feelings were not due to the sentencing, for the sentence was just and fit the crime, but instead for the tragic senselessness of the crime itself. Perhaps many residents read the article with shock and disbelief about the presence of gang activity in Summit County. Others like me who know Freddy read the article likely thinking about a smiling, funny, nice, bright kid who has a mother, siblings and friends who love him and now mourn the decisions he’s made. Others, like me, likely mourn the decisions made by Francisco Lopez, a gentle, respectful student who possessed skills for a bright future.

As I reflect upon their stories, I can’t help put forth a plea to kids in our community to learn from them. Small bad decisions can escalate into a tragic lack of judgment that can change your life forever. The bad choices of your friends can influence you and consequently affect your life with irreversible consequences. The people in your life trying to help you make good choices are not just tossing around cliches. We’re talking from the knowledge of stories much like theirs. My heart goes out to their families. I hope they and others can gain some maturity by their stories and find that future full of promise.

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