Bethany Lambrecht: Mayfield a man of integrity |

Bethany Lambrecht: Mayfield a man of integrity

Bethany Lambrecht

I must write to disagree with Mr. Sanders, but more than that to remind us all that differences of opinion don’t give us the right to vilify another person or group. Rich Mayfield is a man of integrity whose spiritual journey has stayed rich and challenging throughout his life. As a member of his congregation for 20 years, I can tell you that it was a gift to share in that journey, to challenge your own thinking, to open to new ideas, to reach out and welcome everyone – in the neighborhood and around the world. And the acting? It sure made for a good sermon and if you have seen him on stage, you know he does it well. He returned to graduate school to be a pastor because he felt called to it, just like most pastors. He is a very talented man who is a voracious reader and a pretty fine writer. He has written his column for years and years – long before he retired. If you read it, you know that he continues to stir us to think. He had a long-standing luncheon appointment with a conservative pastor, not for them to change each other’s mind, but to keep the communication open. In a world with so many diverse views and cultures, I think that is a very good thing.

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