Betsy Burton: KUNC can be tough to get |

Betsy Burton: KUNC can be tough to get

Betsy Burton

We are one of the Frisco households who can not longer receive KUNC in our home. I would like to comment on the article in the Sunday Summit Daily quoting the SPR board president. Sue Greene stated that she had driven to every corner of the county and was able to receive a strong signal at 88.3. I would suggest that Ms. Greene should be aware that there is a difference in receiving the FM signal in a house versus in a car. I too can get 88.3 in my car but not in my house. Additionally, I cannot speak to the signal in Dillon as a whole, but I do know we can no longer receive KUNC at our office in Dillon.

While it is admirable to increase service to the Spanish-speaking population, I am not clear why that is done at the expense of those residents who have financially support public radio and now cannot longer receive the signal.

I would appreciate a reply to this concern.