Better than ‘Volume 1’ |

Better than ‘Volume 1’

Richard Chittick

Since this review stands all by itself, I get a great opportunity to harp on Kimberly for this one.

She refuses to see “Kill Bill, Volume 2” because she’s determined to avoid the violence associated with the first movie.

Certainly some scenes in volume one were a bit much. Seeing an entire entourage of Japanese martial arts experts have their appendages chopped off wasn’t exactly necessary.

But this is Quentin Tarantino we’re talking about. At least neither one of these movies has a scene involving a latex-wrapped gimp.

Volume two begins with a black-and-white teaser that shows Tarantino is aware too many people thought the first movie was overly violent, though it doesn’t reveal that this movie will be less violent.

It’s longer than the first, coming in at two hours and 16 minutes, which helps substantiate Tarantino’s assertion that the story needed to be told in two parts.

And the 40 additional minutes helps “Kill Bill, Volume 2” stands alone from “Kill Bill, Volume 1.”

A lot of the plot development connects to things that happened before part one, bridging gaps that would otherwise compromise part two’s ability to be its own movie.

I confirmed this with fellow writer Dan Kelley, who watched the movie with me oblivious to what happened in the first volume, and he agreed the movie can be seen independent of part one.

Part two tells a much more complete story about Black Mambo and Bill and even reveals a little bit about supporting characters, like Bill’s brother Budd, portrayed by Michael Madsen, and Elle Driver, an assassin on Bill’s side portrayed by Darryl Hannah.

The plot still jumps around in the life of Uma Thurman’s character, Black Mambo.

Using the technique of mixed timelines set apart by a different type of cinematography that Tarantino has made cliche, part two reveals who Black Mambo is, including her real name and how getting pregnant changed her outlook on life.

It also shows more about the relationship between Black Mambo and Bill and how they’ve come to so desperately want each other dead.

A couple of scenes in this movie come off as genuinely hokey, such as how Black Mambo saves herself from the predicament she is thrust into when Budd outsmarts her.

But it is a better movie than the first. It’s certainly a better movie than Kimberly thinks it can be, but she won’t see it, which is her loss.

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Kimberly’s response:

I’ve been bludgeoned by peer pressure to see this movie.

Staffer No. 43, who sits in front of me, constantly turns around and says in her ever-so-sweet voice, “You have to see ‘Kill Bill, Vol. 2.’ You’ll like it. It’s not as violent as the first one, really it’s not.”

When I ask her if she’s seen the first one, she says no.

Then there’s Staffer No. 17. He claims I have to see it just so he can read a review on a movie he’s actually seen. I tried to explain that his lack of movie-viewing does not necessitate me torturing myself.

Then there’s Intern No. 1. He seems to think his job description involves jumping on the band wagon to pressure me into filling my brain with needless violence.

And then there’s the worst offender, Movie Review No. 3. He threatened to reference “Kill Bill” in his review of “Mean Girls” if he didn’t like the movie. After witnessing his “Starsky and Hutch” obsession, I knew I couldn’t stop him.

But he went too far. He snuck this review into my section – wrote it and filed it without telling me. Luckily, I caught him. Now I have just cause for revenge.

Maybe I have more in common with Uma Thurman than I thought …

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