Bicyclists should obey rules of road |

Bicyclists should obey rules of road

Andrew Rajca

It is fair to arrest bikers for DUI’s. As the law states, any vehicle that is operated on roadways are subject to all traffic laws. The laws do not differentiate based on what powers the vehicle – with the single exception of people using wheel chairs. If I am driving down the road and a bicyclist swerves in front of me, I try to swerve to avoid hitting them. But if it is the choice of hitting them because they entered my lane or hitting another car because I entered their lane – the bicyclist will lose.

Bicycle riders insist on riding on the roads but deny that they have to follow the rules of the road, including obeying traffic signs and stop lights. I can’t count how many times I have either almost hit bike riders or almost been hit by bike riders who ran red lights and stop signs. These riders have almost always been adults. Children tend to stop or look before they ride across an intersection. Bicyclists also tend to ride two, three, or four abreast obstructing traffic in direct violation of the rules of the road. Law enforcement officers don’t ticket or contact these riders at all, therefore reinforcing the image that the rules of the road don’t apply to bicyclists. This summer, I have seen only 1 or 2 percent bicyclists signal when they turned. This in contrast to about 60 percent of cars, in my opinion.

It is as fair to give tickets to bicyclists who break traffic laws as it is fair to give tickets to car/truck/bus drivers who break traffic laws.

After all, if a bicyclist causes a collision, there is no recourse to the motor vehicle driver(s) to recover costs related to the collision other than their own insurance, which will cause their rates to go up through no fault of their own.

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