Biff America, Daily News show bias toward Catholic Church |

Biff America, Daily News show bias toward Catholic Church

I feel compelled to respond to an extremely bigoted comment in Jeffrey Bergeron’s (a.k.a. Biff America) Aug. 17 column, and the Summit Daily’s apparent total lack of editorial control over such comments.

Why is it that Jeffrey and the Daily feel that it is OK to be prejudiced and bigoted, as long as it is against the correct group? 

Jeff’s comment, “Knowing full well that celibacy for some is not healthy (see Catholic Church),” is both way off base and shows a total bigotry toward Catholics that would not be tolerated if he were writing about one of the more “politically correct” minority groups. 

Would the Summit Daily have printed his comment if he referred to blacks using the “N” word? What if he wrote some other derogatory and/or prejudicial comments about Jews, gays, Hispanics or any of the other “fashionable” minority groups? 

I highly doubt it. No sane editor would allow those kinds of comments to be printed under his/her editorial banner.

You would immediately be swamped with NAACP boycotts and forced to hire “diversity trainers” to combat your “insensitivity” toward minority issues. 

So why is it OK to bash Catholics in a similar manner?

Are there a few bad Catholic priests out there? Of course, but they represent a very small minority of the church. But by the same token, there are a few bad liberals out there as well (see Bill and Hilary Clinton, among others).

Jeff, and Summit Daily editorial board – you are hypocrites.

Steve Collins

a proud Catholic

Blue River

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