Biff America unknowingly contradicts his own political views with column on civil unions |

Biff America unknowingly contradicts his own political views with column on civil unions

Biff America, had I read your excellent column when I saw you on top of Imperial Bowl Monday, I would have shook your hand and told you how impressed I was at not only your words but also your likely unintentional mea culpa.

You see, your recent column about the failure of the civil union bill belies an earlier (and somewhat less gracious) column in which you requested a less-liberal female political opponent (how about a gay one?). In this odd request, you asserted some fairly unsavory attributes to anyone who had the temerity to support any Republican.

But in your Feb. 16 Summit Daily News column, you admitted that even (gasp!) Democrats voted against a measure to bring equal rights to gay couples – rights, it’s worth mentioning, supported in poll after poll by the majority of Americans across the U.S.

The myopia and hateful fear-mongering of the far right aside, it’s worth pointing out that typical labels don’t always work. It’s also worth mentioning to the rest of the Republicans-are-bigoted-WASPS letter writers here in the Daily, that our own Democratic representative, Carl Miller, voted against these basic equal rights.

Nationally, it was a Democratic congressman who introduced a bill last year to outlaw federally the same laws already on the books in states like Vermont.

Miller and others of his ilk take solace in the fact name-calling and incendiary comments might help them get elected because they’re Democrats – that, and the often selfish, reflexive support of wealthy special-interest groups that even include unwitting gay rights organizations.)

However, as was the case with Heather Lemon, Miller’s GOP opponent last November, people and their party affiliations don’t always deserve such labels, politically or otherwise.

It’s just nice to know – intentional or not- that it doesn’t take a climb atop Imperial for you to stand tall and admit it.

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