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Bike Shopping

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Bicycle shopping can be like buying a jar of peanut butter: The choices are endless. There are a few basics to consider, and if you’re looking to purchase a new ride, the technicians in many local bike shops are a great source. They can help you with different styles, plus make sure you get a bike that fits like a glove.


First thing a rental shop tech will ask is what type of riding you do and what kind of bike you’re used to. If dirt trails are the destination, a suspension bike will be suggested.

“They’re so comfortable and people enjoy the

performance,” said Chris Hart, co-owner of Great Adventure Sports in Breckenridge.

Rental rates for full suspension bicycles are a bit more expensive, and not everyone needs the technology, Hart said.

“If you’re going on the paved bike path, then you don’t need to rent a full suspension bike,” he said.

Daily rates run from $18 to $50, depending on the model. Bike rentals come with helmets.

Shop technicians will help make sure the bike fits correctly by doing a five minute fit that considers seat post height, frame size, posture and pedal position. Taking the time to make sure the gear fits is an important step and, like ski boot sizing, can make all the difference in a day on the trail.


Bikes are generally designed for either traveling on pavement or dirt, but Hart said how much a new bike owner plans to use a bike is also an important consideration.

“If you’re putting a lot of hours and miles in, you will want to invest in a little higher quality,” he said.

Casual riders can expect to spend less, but there is still plenty of choice from a variety of manufacturers.

A casual-use mountain bike will cost between $600 and $900, whereas a cruiser for the paved bike path will cost less than $400. The sky is nearly the limit for intense bikers, but a good full-suspension mountain bike or top-end road bike costs about $2,000-$3,000.

The most important factor in purchasing a new bike is fit, Hart said. Bike sizes are different for each manufacturer, but mountain bikes are sized in inches, while road bikes come in


“Have an experienced bike technician run you through the fit,” Hart said.

Some items to consider are inseam, torso and arm lengt , plus how your knees line up with your feet.

“The great news is there’s a bike for everybody,” Hart said. “It’s a sport that everyone can have fun with.”

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