Bill Kleckner: GOP whining gets us nowhere |

Bill Kleckner: GOP whining gets us nowhere

Bill Kleckner
Silverthorne, CO Colorado

Response to “Guy Pacot: Bad judgment by Obama” (Letters, Feb. 18):

Contrary to Mr. Pacot’s belief that I am the partisan person, I vote for the best candidate regardless of their party affiliation. Those people who vote only Democrat or only Republican are partisan. Those congressmen and senators who choose party philosophy over providing benefit to all their constituents are partisan. When these same people choose not to be involved in the process but complain about it and vote en masse against it, that is partisan politics.

My point in that letter is that I am tired of listening to people who want to complain, degrade, and have nothing to offer when it comes to solutions or constructive criticism. So I will focus on those letters with value.

If I have become partisan, it is that the past eight years of Republican policies, abuses of power, attacks on our constitution, invasion of our privacy, lies, and “good old boy” appointments has made me embarrassed to be a registered Republican. I just believe I am more aligned with the Democratic and independent representatives at this point. These are my opinions. Whether these are “facts” will be determined when the truth comes out.

Mr. Pacot’s solutions are to quote the party line. Tax cuts will save America! We have all seen how well that worked. His other suggestion is not to do what we did 70 years ago. Perhaps when the Republican party joins us in this century and starts writing legislation that benefit everyone, not just the wealthy, I will support them.

I am a hard-working person who makes a fair wage. I don’t have the answers to this financial crisis, but doing nothing will not help the millions of people losing their jobs. I do know that complaining to the local newspaper does nothing but stir up more complaining and controversy. What I can do, and did, is write our elected officials and voice my opinion. As Americans, we need to participate in legislation and make politicians accountable for their voting record. Mr. Pacot may continue to voice his opinion on this matter, but I have had my say.

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