Bill Kleckner; Sick of partisan politics |

Bill Kleckner; Sick of partisan politics

Bill Kleckner
Silverthorne, CO Colorado

After reading Guy Pacot’s rant about President Obama, I had to respond. (“Obama already failing,” Daily Mail, Feb. 8). Mr. Pacot has graciously given President Obama all of 30 days to fix all the problems that the Bush administration and Republican party has created in the past eight years. Not that the Democratic Party is any less to blame for letting them decide policy.

It is obvious to me that Mr. Pacot had his mind made up well before Inauguration Day that he will not support our new president. This is the problem with the extreme right Republican and the extreme left Democrat. There is no willingness to compromise, even for the good of the country. It is all about the political party and how to make the other party look bad. I am sick of it. I am tired of each side blaming each other for everything.

We are in the worst financial times since the Depression. We need solutions and cooperation, not more ranting. We need everyone in the United States House and Senate working together to get us through these hard fiscal times. We need everyone to call or e-mail your congressman and senator and tell them to get the best stimulus package approved. In my opinion, employing people makes the most sense. People with a steady paycheck buy goods, which will employ more people. Working people pay taxes, which puts money back into the government. So it goes full circle. Everyone likes tax cuts, but if you are worried about losing your job, you will not be spending that little money you will get back. Tax cuts don’t stimulate the economy.

I don’t know Mr. Pacot. He is probably a good person. But I know his politics and I have heard his opinions, along with many other regulars in the Daily Mail. Perhaps when they offer solutions instead of complaints, we will listen.

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