Bill Kleckner: The part of negligence |

Bill Kleckner: The part of negligence

Bill Kleckner

The National Republican Party is no longer the “party of NO.” They now are the party of gross negligence. Gross negligence is a conscious and voluntary disregard of the need to use reasonable care. Now that they control 41seats in the Senate, they can stop any and all legislation in Congress. Before now, they could only weaken the legislation in committee and hope that at least one Democratic Senator will oppose the “so called” bipartisan legislation. As long as the Republican senators continue to be mindless, spineless sheep that are afraid to vote against the Republican National Committee point of view, nothing will be accomplished. Case in point: A bipartisan committee proposed a fiscal commission to provide recommendations on how to reduce the deficit. All seven Republicans who supported the amendment in committee voted against it on the floor, and the amendment failed.

All the Fox News pundants are hailing the Massachusetts election of Scott Brown as a victory and a shift in power. They may be right, but for all the wrong reasons. The shift means the Democrats cannot be blamed for failing to pass legislation because they no longer have the 60-vote majority needed to pass legislation in the Senate.

At the recent Republican Conference, attended by President Obama, the Republican leadership waved their booklets with their ideas and plans in front of the president and the cameras. Now is the time to show their leadership. Bring your ideas and plans to the Senate floor and be voted on. We all know that won’t happen, because their ideas didn’t work during the Bush administration and they have no new ideas. Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee claims that they have great ideas on health care. I question why these ideas were not acted upon during the eight years she has been in Congress and while the Bush administration was in office and also held the majority. The answer is obvious: Their ideas don’t work and the Republicans in Washington are more interested in keeping their jobs and corporate money than helping the working class.

When it was all over, the Republicans said they felt they were lectured to by the president, but in reality they got schooled. So badly in fact, that Fox News stopped airing the conference for fear that their viewers might see the truth. President Obama was informed, honest, modest and reasonable. The opposite of everything Fox News wants their viewers to believe.

As for Guy Pacot, John Fanning, and all the rest of the big-idea Republicans, keep those letters coming. The more you speak out, the more it shows how extreme your ideas and beliefs are, and your ignorance of reality.

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