Bill Wallace: Deceit and lies in Frisco |

Bill Wallace: Deceit and lies in Frisco

Bill Wallace

A mailing from those in support of the Frisco ballot issue was in my mail box. I hope Frisco’s citizens realize the deceit and lies those supporting the issue are spreading. First, this is not about the right to vote. We, as United States citizens, have the right to vote. The ballot issue is about voting on the use of town-owned parcels larger than 5 acres. Making such decisions is why we elect our town officials.

Second, the Peak One parcel is not open space. It was bought by the town in 1998 for $534,000 (according to county records). Yes, at one time it was Forest Service land. But when land has been disposed of by the Forest Service, it is often is done so for some public purpose. In our county, some examples are the landfill, the county commons, the community/senior center, Ophir Mountain affordable housing and the hospital complex. To label undeveloped land as “open space” is simply not correct. There are many private property owners who would call that a “takings.” Do not let a special interest group who’ve been using the Peak One parcel as their private playground deceive you. Through the public process, the town council has arrived at a use for this land that is a benefit to the community. Please join me in voting NO on the Frisco ballot issue. Thank you

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