Billeaud: When bullets (and pigs) fly |

Billeaud: When bullets (and pigs) fly

Ed Billeaud, Breckenridge

Todd Nelson argues in favor of assault weapons and high capacity clips, by conjuring up the specter of “multiple intruders” in your home, and by relating the necessity to defend yourself against mean, wild pigs in Texas.

Leaving aside the issue of the actual number of multiple intruder home invasions versus the number of accidental or domestic shootings in homes every year, I would ask Mr. Nelson to consider the fact that, when he is in Texas shooting pigs, perhaps he is the intruder into their homes, and perhaps they are more brave than mean, defending themselves and their families against him and his assault weapons with the only means available to them, their own bodies?

Going hunting with the express desire to kill another living being, or several of them, is not “defending yourself.” I’ll leave the discussion of the morality of hunting to another day, but please don’t try and hide behind the “defense” argument when attempting to justify your lust for assault weapons, and for using them to kill. That’s what they are for, after all, isn’t it?

Ed Billeaud, Breckenridge

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