Bird: Freedom to own guns was for muskets not automatic weapons |

Bird: Freedom to own guns was for muskets not automatic weapons

W. Gerald Bird Jr.

Re: “Guns do not kill, people do,” by Dr. B. Simone Caruthers, letters, Dec. 18

I am tired of the right wing’s cockamamie theories on mass murder by gun.

Yes, this country will always have their mentally ill, their PTSD vets, unhappy spouses, criminals and so on. Yes, people kill people but if these people cannot get automatic military weapons and 30-round clips, rpgs, grenades and the rest of this murderous artillery, they would have to carry out their rage with a knife, a rock or a baseball bat. It’s pretty difficult to kill dozens with these in a school or a mall, isn’t it?

So let us start with the elimination of these weapons a hunter or common citizen do not need. Then all you wonderful people of the right would only have to fight funding for mental illness and help for these people with a propensity for violence.

Some want to arm everybody – school teachers, men on the street. Several months ago in New York City, well-trained police killed a few innocents while trying to apprehend a shooter. Bad idea.

The real reason the gun supporters want these weapons are they are so paranoid they think that Obama or the United Nations are going to take over the country and they will stop them. It’s laughable.

The original freedom to own guns was for muskets not automatic weapons.

I will give Dr. Caruthers $3 for every citizen that saves his or his families’ life by using a gun and the doctor can give me $1 for every mass murder, murder, accidental shooting or crime by gun and we will see who makes the most money.

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