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Name of business: Mountain Sport FitnessName of owner: Lisa Marie MercerAddress of business: 720 Granite Street, Frisco, CO.Telephone number: (970) 668-1595Q: What type of business do you operate – what do you sell, or what service do you provide? Mountain Sport Pilates and Fitness is a sport-specific training center. We are equipped with the latest balance conditioning equipment, such as the Bosu, Dyna Disc, Stability Ball and Pro-Fitter Equipment. Additionally, we have body bars and resistance bands for strength training, medicine balls for agility training, specialized rotary equipment for golf and other rotary sports, a slide board for lateral training and foam rollers for a newer from of flexibility training called myofascial release. If you can’t afford a massage every week, myofascial release feels great after an active day outdoors.Mountain Sport Fitness also offers a class for expectant mothers called Mountain Moms, which is a functional strength training for Moms-to-be, who want to prevent back pain, and maintain a reasonable level of fitness throughout their pregnancy.

Q: Where are you from, and why did you decide to open your business in Summit County? I am originally from New York City, but I spent the last nine years in Brookline, Mass. Once I learned to ski, I knew I had to live nearer to the mountains. I was the fitness coach for the Epicski Academy, which is a four-day ski-clinic organized by the message forum participants of This gave me the opportunity to work with some of the best instructors in the ski industry, such as Bob Barnes of Copper Mountain, and Weems Westfeldt of Aspen. Since about 20 of the forum participants live in Summit County, this seemed like a good place to be. Q: What experience do you have in this field? I have been teaching fitness since the 1970s. My certifications include Kenneth Cooper Elite Instructor, National Academy of Sports Medicine CPT., PhysicalMind Pilates, Bosu, Resist-a-Ball and Prenatal Fitness. I have also received extensive training from Stott Pilates and Polestar Education. At the Can-Fit-Pro convention in Toronto, I had the pleasure of training with the Twist Conditioning Team, who are the top sport-fitness specialists in North America. In New York, I taught fitness classes to the chorus of the Metropolitan Opera, and most of the major gyms in the city. When I attended summer school in Perugia, Italy, I taught fitness to an international student body. In Cambridge, Mass., a local NBC affiliate station televised my prenatal class. I am a Master Trainer in Pilates for Fitour. Visit their website at, if you are interested in an affordable Pilates Instructor training workshop.

In addition to teaching fitness, I am also a fitness writer. My work has appeared in the Professional Skier, Pregnancy Magazine and HerSports. I have been interviewed by Natural Health Magazine and quoted by Ski Magazine. For my information, visit my website at What sets your business apart from other similar businesses? Mountain Sport Pilates & Fitness uses Pilates’ principles as a means of correcting postural alignment and activating the deep core muscles. The similarity with other businesses ends there. Instead of trying to duplicate, verbatim, a technique that was created in the 1900s in Germany, our studio focuses on an evolution of the Pilates principles. We base our classes on research that has been conducted in the fields of Sports Medicine, Post Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy. Stability Balls, Bosu and other balance tools mimic the actions of the traditional Pilates Equipment, while creating much more of a challenge to dynamic balance. Dynamic, is the keyword, here. While static stretch may feel great, it’s the transitional balance and flexibility between movements that enhances fluidity in any sport. We also offer classes in sport-specific classes called “The Centered Athlete,” which, depending on the day, focus on either sport-strength, sport-balance or rotary movement for sport.Q: What types of customers do you hope to reach in Summit County?

People who are passionate about their sport, and want to do everything they can to prevent injury and enhance skill. Q: Why did you choose to open where you did?I fell in love with The Town of Frisco, and felt that it would be a great place to open up a unique, cutting edge fitness studio, open to both men and women, that was not part of a major fitness franchise. While there are Recreation Centers in both Breckenridge and Silverthorne, there no other Pilates or Sport-Specific Conditioning Centers in Frisco. Q: What are your plans for your company’s future? I plan to work closely with the local ski and golf coaches in order to devise more cutting-edge programs that will help their athletes.

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