Blackouts sweep across Breckenridge after transformer failures |

Blackouts sweep across Breckenridge after transformer failures

A series of transformer failures in south Breckenridge has sporadic blackouts rolling through the town this evening.

Issues started sometime before 6 p.m. when a transformer failure on the corner of White Cloud Drive and Sunrise Point Drive caused power outages in the area, according to Jim Keating, fire chief at the Red, White & Blue Fire Protection District. Soon after there was an arcing incident with a high voltage line on Boreas Pass Road, near the ice arena, which resulted in a small grass fire.

At the same time a ground mounted transformer on Broken Lance Drive exploded, causing another small fire. Both fires have since been put out, according to Keating.

But the night is just getting started for emergency workers. Keating said that sporadic blackouts are rolling through the town, including areas north of Breckenridge. He also said that there are a number of people trapped in elevators and inside buildings on Peak 8 such as the Grand Lodge and the Crystal Peak Lodge. Emergency workers are currently working to extricate them.

Despite a number of emergency alarms ringing all over Breckenridge due to the power outages, Keating said that no injuries or other fires have been reported. There are currently no road closures.

Power is expected to return sometime after 9 p.m., according to Keating.

Representatives from Xcel Energy could not be reached for comment.

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