Blanche: The mentally ill and gun control |

Blanche: The mentally ill and gun control

Re: April 4 Denver Post headlines.

“Corrections audit ordered.” Why? because Evan Ebel was mistakenly released from prison four years before he was supposed to be and went on to murder Colorado’s corrections chief and a pizza delivery guy.

“Warning on Holmes sounded in June.” What was done after Holmes’ psychiatrist warned that Holmes was a danger? Apparently nothing, so he went on to slaughter 12 in an Aurora movie theater. So the reaction of the politicians we’ve entrusted to protect us is to limit the ability of law-abiding citizens to protect themselves from the likes of Ebel and Holmes. Makes sense to them, I guess. The main purpose of the Second Amendment was for our protection against government. Perhaps government is the bigger threat we are facing.

Brian Blanche, Silverthorne

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