Blizzard blessings |

Blizzard blessings

Stephanie CurtisFrisco

I would like to thank the voters of Frisco for turning out in great numbers to tell the Home Depot and our town council to cease negotiations for the 9.4-acre parcel.Your vote protected the wetlands and water quality of Meadow Creek, and kept many businesses afloat. You protected Meadow Creek Park, reduced the near-term traffic of a big box, protected two of the town’s wells recharge capability, and told the town council to listen to its constituents. Many thanks also to all volunteers who brought some much energy, wisdom, and research to the forefront. And remember, keep the second and fourth Tuesday evening of every month open for future town council meetings. Your input is crucial. Editor’s note: The next Frisco Town Council meeting will be on Jan. 10.

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