Blue River Group urges "No" vote |

Blue River Group urges "No" vote

Karn StiegelmeierBlue River Group ChairSummit County

The Blue River Group of the Sierra Club is urging a “No” vote on the development of a Home Depot in Frisco.Healthy, sustainable communities require responsible growth. Our local, family-owned businesses respect the values of the community and understand the fragility of our high-altitude environment. These same businesses, who give back to the community many times over, are sure to suffer from yet another big box presence here in Summit County.Frisco’s charm and long-term sustainability relies on its small mountain-town character, one that is inconsistent with more parking lots and superstores.The Blue River Group believes that because big box retailers such as Home Depot leave such a large footprint on the environment, any store interested in locating here should comply with all environmental laws and meet environmental and community standards including: – Respect the wishes of local communities;- Do not seek or accept public subsidies or zoning waivers; – Fully disclose the environmental impact of stores and products; – Fully disclose all environmental and labor conditions of factories or sub-contractors; – Do not locate stores in wetlands, floodplains or other sensitive areas or in places that would exacerbate traffic, increase air pollution or contribute to scattered sprawl development;- Provide infrastructure for bicycles, pedestrians and transit-users at all stores; – Reduce energy consumption through green building standards; – Restore or remove empty, abandoned stores within one year of closure; and- Reduce storm water pollution by designing parking that does not rely on large lots with impermeable surfaces.Since the Home Depot proposal is seriously deficient with respect to most of these factors, we urge Frisco voters to vote “No” on Home Depot on Dec. 13.