BMers need to organize if they want skatepark access |

BMers need to organize if they want skatepark access

I am one of those idealistic individuals who believes in people. Continuing the short saga we’ve started early this summer, I have to update you about bikes in the Silverthorne Skatepark: We lost.

Yes, bikes are still not allowed in the park and it seems like it is going to stay that way for some time. We have to be real here. There aren’t enough bikers willing to do what it takes to get in the park legally. Right now there aren’t enough BM riders in the county, period.

This is how it works: there’s an ordinance that rules bikes out of the park, so the town council has to change that ordinance, but before that, the thing to do is attend the Sports and Recreation Committee meetings.

After it was all said and done, the committee promised to include bikes in next year’s budget review, so there’s still hope that if we get organized, something might happen.

As for me, I will drive to Boulder to ride my bike at the awesome park over there.

Pretty soon we will be hitting the slopes together on our snowboards, and then we can all talk trash about those little skis that look like inline skates.

The funny thing is that BMers act toward the mountain bikers just like the skaters act towards BMers.

The hikers want the mountain bikes away from their trails, the bikers want the motorcycles away from the single tracks, the moto guys want the four wheelers away. It’s the human situation.

Mauricio Natario


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