Bob Bloch: Lesson in American civics |

Bob Bloch: Lesson in American civics

Bob Bloch

Thank you, Morgan, for one of the best-written lessons in American civics I’ve ever read. Short and to the point, it offers an excellent overview of our Founding Fathers’ fears and concerns, and the foundations for the development of our Constitution. I’ve been reading more over the last couple of years about our country’s founding, and it corroborates your thoughts and validates your observations about the past repeating itself today.

The biography of John Adams offers interesting insight into the man who wrote the constitution for Massachusetts, and whose ideas for checks and balances and a bicameral legislature found their way into our Federal Constitution. It’s very evident in the care that went into defining the system of government we now live under that our Founders had their faults and recognized that they (as are all men) were imperfect. The multiple checks and balances built into the structure of our government and the events of history (and today) are evidence of their collective wisdom and well-reasoned fear of big government being more than a servant of the people.

This one column inspired me to do more reading about the times and people who courageously stood up to the oppression by the British. They risked everything and came perilously close to failure. If they had failed in establishing our country they would have been hanged as traitors, their families would have been stripped of all land and belongings and there’s no telling what our world would have been like today. That’s really heavy baggage to carry around, but it’s also an amazing motivator. Failure was not an option. Their success literally changed the world.

So celebrate and honor our Founding Fathers and protect our Constitution. There’s no telling what we have at stake.

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