Bob Bloch: Stop Misleading Voters on Peak One parcel |

Bob Bloch: Stop Misleading Voters on Peak One parcel

Bob Bloch
Frisco, CO Colorado

We can certainly trust the Frisco voters, but not Don Cacace of the “Friends of Frisco Open Space” group. He’s having a difficult time getting his facts straight and, in the process, is trying to create hysteria by misleading the voters. In his Feb. 7 letter ” “Open space to sardine cans” ” he asks us to judge several statements he makes about the Peak 1 parcel. Well, OK, here goes.

Statement 1 ” “Peak 1 is zoned NR2.” Somewhat true (but read on). Summit County (not Frisco) applied that zoning district to the land. Current uses in Summit County in this zone include the landfill and the day skier parking at Keystone. But the land is owned by the Town of Frisco and is now being annexed. Colorado State Statutes require that annexation be accompanied by zoning the land according to Frisco zoning districts ” not Summit County’s.

Statement 2 ” “… the Frisco Town Council will up-zone the Peak 1 parcel … to ND … (that) allows 22 duplexes per acre.” Absolutely false. First, I cannot find an ND zoning District in the Summit County Zoning Regulations. The zoning district being applied to the Peak 1 parcel is a new Frisco zoning district named RN ” “Residential Neighborhood”.

Statement 3 ” “ND allows 22 duplexes per acre. The current maximum is eight. ND also allows houses literally 5 feet apart.” This is pure nonsense! In Frisco the highest allowable density residential district is RH “16 units per acre. The required setbacks in any residential district result in at least 10 feet between houses.

Your neighborhood, Mr. Cacace, is zoned RM “12 units per acre, and borders the east side of the Peak One parcel. On the north side the neighborhood is zoned RL ” 8 units per acre. The new RN district requires a minimum lot size of 4,000 square feet for a duplex. That’s a maximum of 10.89 duplexes per acre (in reality, 10). I’d say that’s very compatible with what has already been developed in the adjacent east and north neighborhoods.

I live in the Meadow Creek neighborhood, which is zoned RM ” the same as your neighborhood, Mr. Cacace. Did you know that the Water Dance neighborhood was also developed under the RM zoning district? Anyone can drive through these neighborhoods and see how RM zoning has been interpreted and applied, and I believe they’ll be able to see differences in implementation. The Residential Neighborhood zoning district applied to the Peak One neighborhood allows for an imaginative neighborhood design and implementation as nice as any of these.

Statement 4 ” “At the public forums, Frisco residents were clear in their call for a low-density development.” Absolutely true! As the forums progressed the proposed density decreased in response to comments, from over 100 units down to the current total density of 70-75 units.

The only sardine can development envisioned for the Peak 1 Neighborhood exists only in your very vivid imagination, Mr. Cacace. Voters in Frisco, don’t be fooled. The only bulldozer in this issue is being driven by Don Cacace and his Friends of Frisco Open Space.

Bob Bloch is a member of the Frisco Planning Commission.

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