Bob Phillipson: Inflation fears |

Bob Phillipson: Inflation fears

Alex: Right on! Your editorial was spot on regarding part of the problem we are now facing. I really appreciated the clear language used which will help convey the extent of the “banksters” criminal enterprise and government acquiescence. Unfortunately, the problem appears to be even worse. As the Fed continues to print money and devalue the dollar we face elimination of the dollar as the world’s reserve currency. Most folks do not understand the impact that will have on us. Some call for raising interest rates to slow the inflation we all understand is hitting us (contrary to the fictitious figures our government is using regarding inflation. I guess we can’t fault them, as more spending will ensue if they started really using the same inflation formulas as when Carter was president).

Mike Kreiger nailed it with the following statement yesterday: “One of the irrational ‘fears’ out there is that the Fed will somehow tighten rates. Get out of the emotional brain for a second and into the logical one. The Fed funds rate is 0-25 basis points. The two year treasury yields 0.60 percent. If the Fed raised rates even to 0.50 percent with the two year note at 0.60 percent, total and complete chaos would ensue and the government wouldn’t be able to deal with the rising costs of debt service. It is just not going to happen. They will print and print until the whole corrupt house of cards crumbles to dust.”

That is the real disaster that awaits.

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