Bob Portnoy: All viewpoints should be welcome |

Bob Portnoy: All viewpoints should be welcome

Bob Portnoy

As a somewhat liberal-minded chap where politics are concerned, I read with interest the opinion of JoAnn Shepherd in her letter. I nodded my head in agreement to all of her points and I understand her anger with the tea party and the Republicans’ greed and callous political cold-heartedness. However, she lost me and maybe others who believe that there are always two sides to political discourse, when she wrote: “How much longer do we have to see Morgan Liddick’s extreme and irresponsible ranting in print?”

On the issues, I probably disagree with Mr. Liddick’s opinions most of the time. Sometimes I skip his column, as I predetermine that it will run counter to what I stand for. But I also completely agree that he has a right to state his case in our SDN, as we as an educated readership need balance in our political discourse, not demagoguery. Should we only have columnists who are liberal or conservative, in a newspaper that serves a whole community of folks who have diverse opinions? I think not. The world is not black or white, but shades of gray and beautiful colors. Maybe we don’t want to hear it, but we should pay attention to what others have to say as we might learn something, good or bad. And I believe Mr. Liddick is not as extreme as he was made out to be in the previous letter.

We lose the validity and strength of our convictions when we ourselves become extreme, whether one is liberal or conservative, vegetarian or meat-eater, Yankees (evil empire) or Red Sox (second-raters). So, please, let’s continue to welcome differing viewpoints in order to keep the pot stirred and provoke discussion. That’s Democratic, err … I mean democracy in action.

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