Bob Stone: No health care unless you’re rich? |

Bob Stone: No health care unless you’re rich?

Bob Stone

I would like to thank Mr. Robert Potts for his Sept. 20 letter to the editor in which he clarified for me the two sides of the health care debate. He disagrees with the Hertzbergs’ belief that all Americans should have the benefit of good health care.

Mr. Potts made it quite clear that he feels that those of us who can afford good health care are entitled to it. Those of the middle class, or lower class, who are working their butts off to make ends meet and can’t afford adequate health care, are not entitled to it. The hell with them – that’s just the way it is. I find it astounding that Mr. Potts can tell us that he bases his disagreement with the Hertzbergs partly on “moral grounds.”

It has been estimated that 40,000 people a year die in this country because of inadequate access to health care. Maybe this country could save some money by continuing to ignore the inequalities of our present health care system. Would it be so terrible or so “anti- American” that those making hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars a year should pay a few dollars more in taxes to help give adequate health care to those less fortunate?